The Handyman checklist.

There's so many handymen in the market competing for your business today, it's difficult to know what makes a good handyman, and what doesn't. The question is, how do you know which one to choose, so you don't end up with a bad job, or worse still, damage to property that costs more to repair than the original job.

Which handyman to choose is always a question that a lot of clients must ask themselves, and it's a great question, after all, whoever you choose may end up being inside your home, and be wall mounting things that you don't want to fall on top of your kids!


The first thing I always ask my clients is, how did you find me? I love it when new clients find me through referrals, it means I've treated that referring client just how I planned to, perfectly. There's no better way to find a handyman, than to ask your friends or family who they use. Hopefully if they aren't happy with the standard of work or service, they won't suggest you use them too!


I like to post and share my customer reviews online. This is a fantastic way of seeing what standard of service and care your handyman provides, check his reviews!

I use a peer to peer website for finding new work (like UBER) and it has a customer review for every task I've completed (every worker has this function on their accounts so you can compare workers).

My online reviews reflect the standard of work and consideration I provide to every client.

Emily said; "If I could give Pete a higher rating I would. Pete is a diligent, thorough, reliable and down right nice guy. Thanks for the help Pete." 5*

Will said; “We are very happy with Pete's job and would highly recommend his services. Our task took a lot longer than expected and he completed with excellence.  Great guy and magnificent professional. Thank you.”  5*

Jeremy said; “There’s a reason Pete has so many 5 star reviews, he’s great at what he does and is a pleasure to work with! Thanks for all your help and looking forward to working with you again for our next projects! Cheers, Jeremy” 5*

Also check out your potential handyman's online web and social media sites. Consider what types of work they've done, type of clients they've worked for, the quality of work displayed.

Everyone loaves to boast, especially handymen! And I LOVE sharing pictures of the transformations I complete. If your handyman doesn't have any pictures of completed work displayed, there could be a reason for that! And if they don't have listed reviews, there may also be a reason for that too.

Kathryn said; Pete just did an amazing Reno of our bedroom, couldn't have asked for a better job, did everything we asked and more to a high standard, finished on time and very reasonably priced couldn't be happier:)

Anne said; Pete responded to my Facebook call out for help to fix my broken garage door opener, which had left my house unsecured. Pete made contact and fixed the job well inside 24 hours from my post. Pete gave outstanding service and solved what turned out to be quite a challenging issue! Value for money and speedy resolution = very happy customer. Cheers Pete! Anne.

Lisa said; True service! Great work. Shall use Pete where ever possible and refer others.


Ask about insurance! Every handyman should have current and suitable coverage for public liability, so if the unfortunate happens, your home and property are safe. If in doubt, ask to see a certificate of currency, and if your handyman does not have one, don't let him commence work, it's an unnecessary risk.


Handymen in Queensland do not require a builder's licence. There are limitations on the types of work they can legally perform, and there are certain types of registration they should have.

If a handyman who has gone to the trouble of registering a business name, a web domain and created marketing material, there's a good chance he's a good quality businessman, and he is committed to providing great customer service and standards, after all, his investment is riding on it.


Talk to your handyman, any handyman that's offering to work for you should be open, approachable, be pleasant, and be able to clearly understand and communicate back to you their understanding of the exact job you want done, whether fixing a kitchen tap, leaking toilet, or building a garden arch.

They should also be able to give you a reasonable outline of the time involved, the cost involved, and the processes needed for completing your task including any disruption to your normal routine. If the quote they provide you seems abnormally low, they may have left something out, which may lead to issues arising in the future, and with any service you need, don't always go on one quotation, shop around.

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