Wall Mounting At Home, Up Straight Up Safe

Displaying artworks and photographs on your walls makes a statement, it’s a reflection of your style, and taste, so why would you not want your beautiful memories and gorgeous frames installed expertly, symmetrically, and up straight, up safe? When it comes to wall mounting and vertical installations, I believe I’m the best in Brisbane, and…

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Welcome to our web page!

Hello, and welcome to our web page, the online home of Pete’s Handyman Service Brisbane! We’ve been on Facebook and Insta for a while so we’re not new to the online world, but continual growth has convinced us to expand into the web page platform so we can better showcase our talents to our growing…

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Love Your Outdoor Furniture And It Will Love You Back

Expanse of timber that has been treated with oil to rejuvinate the surface on this outdoor table

It’s autumn now, that time of the year when we start to spend less time outdoor, and more time inside. While we are inside, all our outdoor furniture and items are still exposed to the elements, and because a lot of them are timber construction, they’re at the mercy of the colder climate. So now’s…

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