Wall Mounting At Home, Up Straight Up Safe

Displaying artworks and photographs on your walls makes a statement, it’s a reflection of your style, and taste, so why would you not want your beautiful memories and gorgeous frames installed expertly, symmetrically, and up straight, up safe?

When it comes to wall mounting and vertical installations, I believe I’m the best in Brisbane, and my completed works reflect the quality service and care I provide for every client.

From large electronic devices including televisions and sound bars, to the smallest of single frames and posters, each installation is planned and completed to the highest standard. Using manufactures guidelines where available, fittings and fixtures are selected based on many factors, including location, mount surface, and specific item construction.

The ongoing integrity of all installations is my most important priority, ensuring mounted items are as safe in one year as when initially installed, so that when I leave your home, or office, you have the peace of mind knowing that your items are not only up straight, they’re up safe.

Not only can I install your personal items, I can also remove them from their current location, and either relocate them to a new space, or install them in a completely new location, and can provide you with a repair service to ensure there’s no lasting damage from previous installations.

Here are some of my favourite examples of the installations I’ve completed.

large tv mounted on a wall

Inside Uber @ Sunnybank, 60″ LCD TV

massive elegant mirror wall mounted

Almost 2m in length, a statement in Sarah’s home

long hallway with timber floor and wall mounted picture frames

Beautiful marine themed frames add luxury to Anthea and Mat’s home

hallway featuring group of four picture frames

Creating symmetrical elegance with Clare’s wedding prints

Over stairway fun, with this mixed collection in Charlotte’s home

Loungeroom setting with wall mounted frames and christmas tree

Transforming a house to a home, in Alison’s home

Bespoke bike rack created for Tim’s family home

Glass whiteboard installed into Mark’s office

wall mounted photographic backdrop

Three rolled backdrop system, in An Eye For It Photography’s studio

Wall mounted print in an exclusive Woolstore apartment at Teneriffe.

wall mounted full length mirror

Full length dressing mirror in Charlotte’s master suite

remote control wall mounted

Even the smallest of items like this blind remote at Tory’s home